Meet Our Family

Rose Maniero- “It is a beautiful place here, very wonderful. All the nurses are so good and so nice. I am thankful to God that He made me find such a beautiful place like this one. If you do good, you get good. God will bless you like He has blessed me.”

James Reed (Employee) – “The Jeanne Jugan Residence is one giant family; we love to joke and tease, but through it all, the spirit of the Little Sisters remains constant in the home. The Residents are so happy and joyful, and seeing them every day makes it easy to come to work.”

Carmeta Mills (Resident) – “C.S. Lewis said ‘You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul that has a body.’ Here I feel my soul is nourished and not just my body. I have access to spiritual guidance whenever I need it, I have plenty of time to read my Bible, and our chaplain Fr. Dunn always has excellent homilies that challenge me to look at things from different points of view. My soul is happy here.”

Emily Mutze- “I am going on my 6th year volunteering and my 2nd month working here at the Jeanne Jugan Residence and it has been a pleasure and a blessing. I feel like I truly belong here to help the spirit of the Little Sisters flourish. The residents and the sisters have guided me and provided me with so many opportunities that I am looking into gerontology as a career choice. My favorite part about coming here is talking to the residents, they are full of wisdom and stories that I will hold in my heart forever. I am so passionate about this beautiful place and have never been as happy to work anywhere else.”