Association Jeanne Jugan

Currently, our Home has 11 Association Jeanne Jugan (AJJ) members. Just this past May 1, they renewed their promises to work with the Little Sisters for the good of our Residents.Three of the AJJ members are committed members of our staff that have daily contacts with the elderly. This gives them many possibilities to show them respect and kindness, obviously putting on the spirit of St. Jeanne over their own natural goodness. The other eight are regular volunteers who give of their time and talent to help us to “make the elderly happy, that’s all!”

Whether it be during special evening activities with the Residents or while helping at the meal service, they are always welcomed as a members of our extended family. Many of the AJJ’s come for times of prayer with us as well – for Mass, Adoration or Evening Prayers. Remember, the “family that prays together stays together!”